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All-Ireland Rally for Life 2017

Dublin City Center
Dublin, Nationwide

Start Date: Jul. 1st, 2017

Start Time: 2:00pm - End Time: 4:00pm

At Viva la Vida Youth Leadership Training, we will help you  find your pro-life voice; through great talks, practical help and interactive workshops. Abortion is the most urgent issue of our generation - it’s the biggest denial of human rights that exists today. Worldwide, each year, abortion kills more people than poverty, hunger or war. And it’s legal. Unborn babies have no voice - they need us to speak out to protect them and their mothers.  That’s why we need strong and effective voices to speak out against this injustice. Stephanie Gray is a seasoned and international presenter who began speaking at the age of 18. She has given over 700 pro-life presentations across North America as well as in the United Kingdom, Latvia, and Costa Rica.  She has spoken at many post-secondary institutions such as Yale University, George Washington University, and the University of Sussex in England.

Sponsor: Youth Defence Ireland

Contact: Youth Defence Ireland
Phone: 01 8730463